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Playing with Fire by NovaBrush Playing with Fire by NovaBrush
This was actually drawn for an assignment uni... how more awesome can drawing your own OCs for an assignment be? :XD:

So yes, Kia and Tahl are still around - and neither of them have changed one bit!

I have also altered their designs a bit - especially Tahl's (yet again).

There are a lot of things I can still improve on, but I had to rush this through to meet the deadline... I'd really like to learn how to paint background properly... and have the patience/time for them too -.- ah well but I'm still pretty happy with how this turned out. :)

Kia,Tahl and artwork to :iconnova-fire-dragon:
By Sithis this is amazing, the detail the vibrant colors, the stance, the placement. Let's start with Kia shall we and her stance. Her front leg placed upon that rock shows power while her other front leg bent with clenched curled claws shows ferocity. Kia's back legs look strong yet slender showing off her feminine reptilian demeanor perfectly, following up to her looks ready to crack like a whip as if she's spring loaded for action. The one bent wing showing acting as a blue veil adds an elegant touch to an otherwise fearsome monster. Which leads me to my favorite part of this picture; Kia's head her expression along with the snarling complement the stance perfectly. I love the salivation the watery substance produced her mouth dribbling down her fangs, Show she Feels a powerful desire for that sheep. Moving onto the red Wyvern the bold color screams I am a male and I am powerful I don't put on the show I am the show, after all red is the traditional color for a hero in Japan. Tahl's Mighty Wingspan towers of that of Kia's although he lacks her furiosity and threatening nature. The design of the Tail Blade is genius the shards the shrapnel the sharpness it looks like a mighty mace ready to slash and smash, which leads my to my next observation it doesn't look organic, was it man made?, do not change it that’s the best part about him I would just like to know if it is or is not because canonical issues. Moving to red's head the horns are placed very well and seem like natural growth very well done especially the one under his chin the bold lines and the shadow in this place really make that factor pop. Now to his facial expression I like how you can see the skull markings under the skin on both dragons but I think Thal's big grin looks very out of place in this picture. Oh and to wrap things up the sheep makes me laugh with the goofy look it has on its face. Great work can't wait to see what creative thing you come up with next.
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Max-the-dragon Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
Heheh Some things never Change. :)
Its good to see the odd couple again XD
Love how there designs have come along, Kia looks great Especially.
ah that poor little sheep :p
NovaBrush Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yer basically, though Tahl is the only one who is brave enough to take her sheep :P probably because he knows that she wouldn't hurt him... Much lol
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May 28, 2012
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